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Indiana Free Library Tween Rock!

Tuesday at 3:00

These programs are for students going in to grade 5 and up.  There are always books, friends and food!

June 5 – Make Your Own Instruments: Stop in to make a variety of musical instruments including castanets, mbira and zamponas.  Also, learn about the Summer Reading Challenge.

June 12 – Punk Rocks!: We will rock today.  We will be creating “punk rocks” as well as beautiful melty rocks. 

June 19 – Music in the Wind: Wind chimes are a great way to add a little music to your backyard.  Join us as we construct unique wind chimes. 

June 26 – Colorful Cords:  Love your earbuds but hate when the cord is tangled?  We will be decorating earbud cords with bright colors.

July 3 – Sound Wave Art:  We will use the science of soundwaves to create unique pieces of art.

July 10 – Reimagining CDs:  have a stack of old cds laying around?  We will be upcycling compact discs into beautiful wall art.

July 17 – DIY Speakers:  Did you know you can make a working DIY cell phone speaker using a paper cup and a cardboard tube?  Stop in to make yours today.

July 24 – Inspirational Lyrics:  The lyrics of favorite songs have the power to elevate a bad mood, provide inspiration when times are tough, and offer an outlet for complex emotions. With this crafty program, we will celebrate music, create art, and share our favorite songs.



Read books, earn cool prizes!

Sign-up on June 1st, read at least 1000 minutes by July 31, earn a prize!  Random prize drawings throughout the summer, too!