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Get a temporary library card

In these troubling times, we at the library are here for you.  We have many digital resources to help with school, research, and personal enjoyment and we want you to have access to them!  But what if you don’t have a library card?  While we are closed we will be making temporary library cards via email.  These cards will be valid for three months. 

Here is what you do.  Email us at reference@indianafreelibrary.org We need your name, address, phone number, birth date and a copy of your driver’s license.  You can either take a photo (with your phone) or scan your driver’s license and attach it to the email.  We will create your card and email you your library card number.  You can use it to access all of the great digital resources we offer. 

If you have a library card that is expired, we will renew it for you via email as well.  Please email us with any questions.