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FREE online classes now offered under the "Learn Online" tab. One patron writes: " Dear Ms. Geiger, Thank you for offering the free on-line classes. I'm taking two and have already had opportunities to apply new skills to benefit both my family and the community. I hope more people hear about these courses and give them a try!"

 Our goal is to help you grow in every way. Your support makes that happen. When you help us grow, our community grows. Please offer your support, volunteer, or GIVE NOW!

We now have Tax Forms to file for 2016; 1040, 1040EZ, 1040 A and Pa-40 with instructions. Others are printable from IRS.gov

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    "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" ---Ben Franklin


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 2015 Donors

The Alexandria Society ($5,000 +)

The Library of Alexandria, Egypt, was constructed in the 3rd century BC. The Library’s vast holdings of papyrus scrolls made it one of the largest and most significant libraries in the ancient world. Much of the library’s storehouse of knowledge was destroyed by fires set by Roman invaders.


First Commonwealth Bank (2015, 2011)

The New Century Club (2014, 2012)

Fraternal Order of Eagles (2012)

RSM Company (2009)

Donald C. Hogan (2008)

Flower Gallery (2008)


The Carnegie Society ($1,000 -- $4,999)

The Carnegie Society ($1,000 -- $4,999)Andrew Carnegie was one of the most famous American industrialists of the late 19th century. A Scottish émigré, he settled in Pittsburgh where he eventually focused on steelmaking. In 1901 he sold his mills that were combined with others to form U.S. Steel. Carnegie devoted much of his fortune to philanthropy including the establishment of almost 1,700 free public libraries in the United States. Carnegie believed that, “A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people.”



Ron Anderson

Diane Duntley

Randy & Ann Jesick

Jana Merlo

Scott & Kathy Oberdick

Michael & Heather Powers

Joan Schmitt

Sara Steelman

Timothy Wilson

Mary Lou Zanich



American Legion Home Association Post 141

Fraternal Order of Eagles #1468

Indiana Kiwanis Club Foundation

Indiana Moose Lodge 174

Indiana Regional Medical Center

New Century Club


The Franklin Library Company ($500 -- $999)

Benjamin Franklin was a printer, statesman, and scientist. He also formed the first lending library in the United States in 1731. Subscribers to the Library Company of Philadelphia each contributed money to purchase books that they then could share among themselves. Books were rare and expensive, and such sharing expanded access to more books than an individual could afford. This system later evolved into the free public libraries we know today.



Dave & Liz Antolik

Vidvuds Celtnieks

Terry & Donna Griffith

Sherene Hess

Lloyd & Estelle Onyett

Ed & Olga Platt

Deanne Snavely

Martha Scheeren

John Southard & Ellen Chinn

Richard Stewart

Robert & Cindy Watta

Jim & Jackie Wiley

Ray & Mindy Wygonik

Wayne & Nancy Yost



Diamond Drugs, Inc.

Friends of Senator Don White

Reschini Agency

S&T Bank

Spiritual Hands Ministries


The Dewey Book Club ($300 -- $499)

Melvil Dewey was influential in the development of American libraries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He is best known for his work on a system for classifying books that would make it easy to organize and find those books on library shelves. The Dewey Decimal System was copyrighted in 1876 and is still used as a way of organizing books by knowledge area. Dewey was also a founder of the American Library Association.



Francisco Alarcon & Lydia Rodriguez

Richard Cassel

Rob & Stephanie Cooney

Don & Janet Daugherty

Jack & Susan Delaney

F. Thomas Fruehstorfer

Michael & Kitty Hood

Thomas A. Kauffman

Ted & Sherry Kuckuck

Richard & Joyce Magee

Paul & Gail McCauley

Tom Miller

Ronald & Cookie Moretti

Gian Pagnucci & Edel  Reilly

George & Joan Rittenberger

Christopher Robertshaw

Rod & Ellen Ruddock

Pauline Simms

Cora & Christine Spielman

Larry & Edwina Vold



American Legion Auxiliary Unit 141


The Pittsburgh Foundation


The Mary E. Ahern Club  ($150 -- $299)

Mary Eileen Ahern is considered a leading figure in the modern library movement. She was an active organizer of libraries and focused especially on small rural libraries. Ahern edited a journal, Public Libraries, that provided information and advice for new librarians. She was a strong advocate for the role of libraries in educating the public arguing that the public library “is the broadest of teachers, one may almost say the only free teacher….it is the only real people’s college.”



Jim & Chris Antis

Paul & Jean Ballas

John & Gretchen Barbor

Mary Jo Bowes

Mark & Sharon Boykiw

Faye Bradwick & Don Lancaster

Charles & Donna Cashdollar

Dorcas Clark

Tom & Sara Crumm

Julia Cuccaro

Rees Derwart

Joe & Leigh Domaracki

Russell & Kathy Drozdiak

Catherine Dugan-Zuraikat

George & Karen Evans

Thomas Frick Sr.

Bob & Acey Gongaware

Charles & Regan Houser

G. Bruce Jenkins

Linda Jones

Jim & Stephanie Jozefowicz

John Kilmarx

Frank & Hastie Kinter, Jr.

Joe & Susan Kovaleski

Charles & Dolores Kravetsky

Ronald & Cynthia Long

Irwin & Elizabeth Marcus

Bill & Grace Marlin

Ron & Marian Marshall

Tony & Barbara Nania

Dorothy Palmer

Ruth Riesenman

Bob & Lori Rittle

Stacey Robertson

Minerva Russell

Richard & Carla Sandbothe

Barry & Celinda Scott

Gail Sechrist

Joe & Sandy Sgriccia

William & Candice Spadafora

Ford & Kathryn Swigart

Gordon & Sally Thornton

Bo & Jana Villemain

Don & Anne White

Ann Wilmoth

Ken & Jean Wilson

Mary Anne Zeitler



Affinity Health Services

Clay & Gascoine LLC

First Commonwealth Insurance

Greek Catholic Union - District 4

Indiana Eye Care, Inc.

Indiana First Bank

Martin's Food Stores

Robindale Energy Services

Robinson-Lytle, Inc.