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Brickfind will help you search by veteran last name, branch of service, or service time to find the location number. The number represents the section of wall, then row and number within the row. You may sort by first name, last name, rank, branch and service time. During business hours call 724-465-8841 for assistance.

Location First Middle Last Suffix Rank Branchsort descending Service Time Notes
2ND E 15 John Flasick CPL Army WWII Germany
1ST H 14 Thomas Richrd Ohler SGT Army Persian Gulf
2ND W 19 Harry A. Jewart PVT Army WWI INF/Argonne Forrest
5TH H 18 Rocco D. Violi T5 Army WWII
8th AA 3 Thomas W Fanning SGT Army Persian Gulf
8th S 8 Orrie L Bowman JR PFC Army WWII
1ST U 9 William J. Short SGT Army WWII Europe/Engr
3RD C 1 Herman L. Sledzik 1LT Army Korea
8th G 6 Paul A Shutco T3 Army Vietnam
1ST M 3 Joseph L. Shaffer PFC Army WWII
1ST E 7 Leroy Harmon T5 Army WWII ETO 3RD INF REG
2ND BB 10 James E. Farabaugh PFC Army WWII
2ND P 14 Herman L. Fisher SP4 Army Vietnam
3RD G 19 Donald L. Smith SSGT Army Vietnam 615 ENG CO
7th C 3 F Laird Byerly T3 Army WWII
1ST R 4 John Wasylyshyn T5 Army WWII
3RD L 18 Virginia M. Parker TSGT Army WWII WAC
5TH K 14 Richard F. Chronoski SP4 Army
1ST A 19 Saul Waxler Capt Army WWII 3D Service Command
8th V 1 Owen B Hicks SP5 Army Vietnam
2ND A 3 Howard S. Abrams PFC Army
2ND L 8 Peter Daskivich PFC Army WWII
3RD D 12 Carl Dean Roof SGT Army WWII POW Germany
5TH A 19 John Lopresti PVT Army WWII
8th I 12 John Mazik CPL Army WWII