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Brickfind will help you search by veteran last name, branch of service, or service time to find the location number. The number represents the section of wall, then row and number within the row. You may sort by first name, last name, rank, branch and service time. During business hours call 724-465-8841 for assistance.

Locationsort descending First Middle Last Suffix Rank Branch Service Time Notes
1ST T 1 Frank W. Burns PFC Army WWII
1ST K 15 Carmen J. Gett SR SGT Army WWII
1ST C 19 Angelo R Stefanelli SSGT Army WWII India-Burma
1ST P 16 Saul W. Greenwald LT Dental Army 1ST Cavalry Japan
1ST I 1 Frank Redinger 1SG Army Korea
1ST U 15 Robert J. Wallace PVT Army Vietnam
1ST M 9 Edwin P. White T5 Army WWII
1ST E 13 David F. Irvin CAPT Army WWII 101ST Airborne
1ST R 8 B. Charles Albright CPL Marines Vietnam
1ST J 2 David L. Carnahan SP4 Army
1ST B 6 Robert W. Sabo SGT Army Vietnam
1ST O 3 Andrew L. Vislosky SGT Army Korea
1ST G 7 Sean H. Westley AT2 Navy Dessert Shield/Storm
1ST T 2 Pete Julock PFC Army Korea
1ST K 16 William G. Lazor SSGT Army WWII 186TH INF REG
1ST D 1 William E. McCracken CPL Army Korea
1ST P 17 Robert Harold Rolls PFC Army WWII COK63INFREGT/A.M. Campaign
1ST I 2 Joseph E. Midock SP4 Army Vietnam
1ST U 16 Clarence L. Spotts PFC Army Korea 110 INF 28 DIV/OCC Medgermany
1ST M 10 Alfred A. Anderson SM 2ND Class Navy WWII
1ST E 14 William W. Rupert WWII 5TH Engineer C BN
1ST R 9 Raymond T. Christopher SGT Army WWII
1ST J 3 C. Leroy Pennington SGT Air Force Vietnam
1ST B 7 T. Lee Montgomery CPL Marines Korea
1ST O 4 Thelma George SSG Army WWII