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Brickfind will help you search by veteran last name, branch of service, or service time to find the location number. The number represents the section of wall, then row and number within the row. You may sort by first name, last name, rank, branch and service time. During business hours call 724-465-8841 for assistance.

Locationsort descending First Middle Last Suffix Rank Branch Service Time Notes
1ST L 2 Wilmer O. Fetterman T5 Army WWII
1ST C 15 Ronald F. Carson Army Korea
1ST Q 3 Stephen J. Rash Major Army Persian Gulf
1ST H 16 Burton L. Barber AM2 Navy Korea Oriskiny
1ST S 15 John F. Souchock JR CPL Marines Served Six Years
1ST M 15 Danny L. Salsgiver E4 Army Vietnam 9TH INF DIV
1ST E 9 John T. Kuhar SSGT Army WWII PH
1ST J 8 Paul R. McDermott MMM2C Army WWII Pacific
1ST U 9 William J. Short SGT Army WWII Europe/Engr
1ST B 2 William Filipovich MAM3C Navy WWII
1ST O 9 Walter T. Campbell CPL Marines Korea PA NAT'L GUARD
1ST G 3 Harry Q. Ferrier PFC Army WWII
1ST L 3 Anthony A. Pampe MM3C Navy WWII
1ST C 16 Olney O. Knudtson SFC Army Korea/Vietnam 2 Silver Stars
1ST Q 4 Robert L. White T4 Army WWII
1ST H 17 D Brook Lewis CAPT Army WWII
1ST S 16 Robert C. Gibson T5 Army WWII 102ND INF DIv
1ST M 16 George Varholick PFC Army WWII 372DFAB/Battle Bulge
1ST E 10 Joseph A. Kotelnicki SGT Army Korea
1ST J 9 G. W. McGaughey PVT Army Civil War Co. A 78 Reg. Pv
1ST U 10 Joseph F. Noga EM2C Navy WWII ETO/South Pacific
1ST B 3 WM. J. Filipovich III ET2 Navy Persian Gulf
1ST O 10 Orlando Martini SSGT Army Air Force WWII
1ST G 4 John P Thompson SGT Army WWII
1ST L 4 Russell E. Kerr T4 Army WWII