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Brickfind will help you search by veteran last name, branch of service, or service time to find the location number. The number represents the section of wall, then row and number within the row. You may sort by first name, last name, rank, branch and service time. During business hours call 724-465-8841 for assistance.

Location First Middle Last Suffix Ranksort descending Branch Service Time Notes
2ND D 18 Michael C. Motsko WWII
2ND Q 12 Robert E. Buterbaugh Army WWII
1ST E 14 William W. Rupert WWII 5TH Engineer C BN
1ST O 14 Rudy Bassaro Army Korea
3RD H 5 Albert Degastro Army WWII
2ND V 12 Eugene Buterbaugh JR Army WWII
1ST J 14 Paul U. Bash Navy WWII
1ST Q 9 William P. Niebauer Army WWII
3RD H 7 Merle W. Henry Army Korea SFC COF 28TH INF DIV
2ND C 9 Grey A. Buterbaugh JR Army WWI
2ND K 15 John Reba Army WWII
5TH N 1 Frank L. Barr WWII
1ST V 11 Elmer W. Smith Army WWII
2ND C 11 Thomas R. Kiral Army WWII
1ST O 19 Richard D. Sprankle Navy WWII Shipfitter/Weber
2ND S 12 Ira Ford Buterbaugh Army WWII
3RD H 14 Miller Black Army Civil War CO D 74TH REG PA VOL INF
1ST B 17 Lyle W. Kunkle Army WWII
1ST G 18 Alvin D. Murtha SR Air Force WWII F/O 8TH/POW Medal
2ND BB 7 James W. Agnew Army Air Corps WWII
2ND C 19 Cambria County All Branches All Wars Cambria Co Vets of all Wars Living in Indiana County
2ND P 12 Wayne E. Buterbaugh Army WWII
2ND P 13 Francis Irene Doyle Navy WWII
2ND U 12 Richard D. Buterbaugh Marines Korea
3RD M 19 David C States Navy